Animal Sculpture

I love to get beneath the surface of an animal – understand what makes each one ‘tick’ as a unique being – and capture something of the energy of that individual in its natural state.

Sculpture with Soul

I specialise in contemporary realist animal sculpture, working primarily on private commissions, animal portraits, and limited edition collections for galleries and exhibitions.

All portfolio work is avaible to purchase. Contact me for further details


Animals have been a lifelong passion

I have explored other species professionally as a film maker, academic researcher (MSc, PhD), behaviour consultant (MSc), and artist across 30 years, During this time I've been privileged to work with a diverse range of species from great apes to otters, big cats to red foxes, and many domestic animals too. I love to get beneath the surface of an animal – understand what makes each one ‘tick’ as a unique being – and I strive to capture something of the energy of that individual in its natural state.

Conservation is a driving force behind every aspect of my work - past and present. Through capturing something of the 'essence of being' of an individual animal through clay, I hope to spark interest, curiosity, and a deeper appreciation of other species. Both the endangered, exotic species I have worked with in the past and the more understated species which share our British landscape

Regardless of whether it's a dog or a leopard, the individuality - the personality - of each subject is important to me.


Edition of 24 - POA

I find the deep Earthiness and organic, tactile quality of clay the perfect medium through which to explore movement and express energy. Once the clay work is complete, I cast in foundry bronze or cold-cast using metal powders or other materials such as stone dust.

I love to explore different materials and methods to enhance or evoke the natural qualities of each particular subject. I have created my own unique method of patination using natural earth pigments to create soft, organic tones which echo the softness of fur.

latest work






H 28.2 W 17.5 D 25.5 Edition of 9 - POA

Portrait of a Pharoah hound - an elegant Maltese hunting dog. Cold cast in iron then rusted



H 21 W 14 D11 Edition of 12 - POA

Study of a siamese cat in cold-cast stone, each piece is hand coloured with natural earth pigments, making each sculpture unique




Captures the essence of a curious young male fox, Based on a confident young male, just entering his second year who I had the privilege of observing. Cold cast iron on oak base. Edition of 12 .POA


URBAN EDITION - a fox for our times

Young male fox with urban backdrop, the textured background speaks of urban decay, while the fox blends effortlessly into his made made environment. Cold cast iron, steel, and mixed media. Edition of 6, Each peice is unique. POA




Edition of 24 - POA

Portrait capturing the gentle pensive nature of a mature greyhound. Cold cast in slate and individually coloured to reflect the soft patina of a greyhounds coat. Mounted on granite. Each peice is unique.

Eurasian LYNX

Edition of 24 - POA

Portrait capturing the striking features and colouration of a male lynx in full winter coat. Cold cast state and earth pigments on oak base


H 1026 W 90 D 88 Edition of 6 POA

Life-sized study of a Red deer stag in cold-cast iron, rusted. Red is suitable both as an indoor and outdoor piece



H 44 W 13 D 20 Edition of 9 - POA

Portrait of a young, lithe female leopard, in cold-cast bronze. Foundry bronze edition available (POA)

I am inspired by animal form, the dynamics of movement and subtle behaviours, and discovering how I can weave these threads together to bring a subject to life.

This is what drives me creatively.


H 19.4 W 12 D 15 Edition of 12 - POA

Study of an alert red fox, cold cast iron


I feel an affinity and admiration for foxes. I admire their keen intelligence and wit, their adaptability and tenacity despite increasing urbanisation and ongoing persecution.

And then theres their beauty


H 17 W 13 D 20 Edition of 12 - POA

Captures the elegant, muscled lines of a young greyhound. cold cast bronze. Also available in foundry bronze (POA)

Greyhounds possess such power and agility yet a delicate sensitivity which makes them fascinating subjects


I have a passion for creating organic, authentic looking colours that bring each animal to life, and aim to echo the soft tonal qualities of fur. To achieve this, I developed my own patination technique to create the soft, natural tones I was after.. I hand colour each sculpture myself using natural materials, therefore each piece is unique

Eurasian LYNX

I apply base layers of colour to create warmth, depth and texture before working on the facial details


I allow each layer of colour to settle before applying the next


I created a soft, grey patina for this particular piece

Commissions & editions

All Portfolio pieces are available to purchase as numbered limited editions. Most sculptures are also available in foundry bronze.

I also create one-off private commissions of special companion animal (See below)

If you’d like to learn more, please get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.

Private commissions of special animals

I consider it an absolute privilege to capture the character and essence of beloved animal companions through sculpture. Inspired by my background in animal behaviour, I love meeting and getting to know what makes each one special - what makes them tick. If meeting in person isn’t possible I can also work from photos, videos, and through your stories about your animal.

Wilhelm and Wolfgang

“You observed and captured my dear little friends with such care and skill. Thank you so very much we adore our Wilhelm and Wolfgang sculptures” Anna R

If you’d like to discover more, please get in touch.


and recent client comments

“Thank you so much, he is utterly stunning and captures the spirit of my darling boy so beautifully”

“Beautiful, you have captured their life essence. Totally amazing Lucy” Dawn C

“Oh Lucy, you have such magic! He is so handsome” Elaine H

“You've captured the movement. This is what makes your work so very special” Chris M.

“Absolutely gorgeous - perfectly captures the spirit of the fox - you’ve a huge talent” Vicky H

“Stunning Lucy! You have a unique talent” Carol W



Tiny curled fox, iron cast and rusted, mounted on wooden box. Each one is hand made by me and unique. Unlimited edition

Finished photos coming very soon!

Perfect as gift pieces



Sept 07th-10th Craft In Focus, Arts and Crafts Fair. Hever Castle

Sept 12th-24th Devon Open Studios. Burnswood Studios, Bondleigh, North Tawton, Devon, EX20 2AP


22nd April - 12th May: Sou’-Sou’ West Gallery, Symonsbury Estate, Dorset DT6 6HG.

1st June - 30th Sept: Stone Lane Gardens, Chagford, Dartmoor, Devon

8th June - 14th July: Cockington Court Gallery, Cockington, Torguay TQ2 6XA

24th June - 7th July: ‘DECADE’ 10th Anniversary exhibition at The sculpture School, Bondleigh, North Tawton, Devon EX20 2AP



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